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Process Masterclass (UX Design) Free Download – Nguyen Le

Process Masterclass (UX Design) 2020 is a training program created by one of the best website designer (Nguyen Le) having experience of more than 10 years in Designing. In this training course, they teach newbies the design principles and how to create an amazing and professional design.

This course is a high Ticket Course having worth more than $1299. But what if you want to learn design but don’t have enough money to buy this course. Don’t worry you are at the right place because today we are going to give full access to Process Masterclass (UX Design) for free to our users.
Ok, so without wasting time lets dig into Nguyen Le Process Masterclass Outline


CourseProcess Masterclass (UX Design)
CreatorsNguyen Le
CategoryWeb Development
Process Masterclass Nguyen Le Table

So now let’s jump into the next section, where we’ll discuss what you are going to get inside the Process Masterclass Nguyen Le Free Download File … 

What’s Included in The Nguyen Le Process Masterclass (UX Design) ?

This section is taken from the Official Website of UX Design Nguyen Le course.

Welcome to the Process Masterclass. An in depth online design course for UI/UX design. Learn design thinking and design execution, and increase your value as a designer.

Made for designers

Looking to take the next step
Vespi is one of our project case studies that we’ll walkthrough. 01
Learn an end to end design process with me. In this class we will look at UI/UX design from a holistic point of view. How to think about business objectives. How to use design thinking for user-centred design. How to build design systems. And tips and tricks in various modern design tools to solve problems. Learn from A—Z and compare your process with mine.

Learn typography, grids, prototyping and how to merge that with business and user objectives.

We learn the fundamentals of design — ideas and concepts that I have used in the last 10+ years, and taught to those I’ve mentored. From structure & hierarchy, to grids, to typography, to prototyping, to visual design concepts and more. Great for self taught designers who want to solidify the fundamentals, or for those just looking for a refresher.

This class is made for designers looking to improve their design process and thinking. If you have a few years experience but want to take the next step. This is for you.

What’s in the class?
Sharing the valuable things I learned across 10 years — into 18 lessons. This course is an online course that you can use to add new concepts to further your design career. There are 7+ hours of video lessons divided into bite-sized lessons, that you can learn from at your own pace. Along with a slack community to get feedback from. It is divided into 2 key modules Design Thinking and Design Execution. Learn how to be more confident with your design decision making and how to increase your value as a designer.

Get started
The class is now open. Registrations will close on the 1st of August. Increase your value as a UI/UX designer and take the next step.


This is the screenshot (taken by the user) of the Nguyen Le UX Design Course.

Nguyen Le – Process Masterclass (UX Design) Free Download
Nguyen Le – Process Masterclass (UX Design) Free Download


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