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Native Mastery is a brand new course created by Kody Knows. In this Kody Knows Native Mastery Course, he started teaching from basics to super-advanced levels.

Kody Knows Native Mastery Course is a High Ticket Course worth more than $1,497 But what If you want to learn this course don’t have enough money to buy this course. Don’t worry you are in the right place because today our User Community has decided to give full access to the Kody Knows Native Mastery Course for Free.

So without wasting time let’s dig into Kody Knows Native Mastery Course Masterclass Outline.

Table of contents


CourseNative Mastery
CreatorKody Knows
Kody Knows Native Mastery Course

What’s Included in Kody Knows Native Mastery Course Free Download?

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What You Get:

  • How to Set Up Tracking With Native Ads
  • ​Tracking Order Form Impressions (OFI’s)
  • ​How to Spy on Competition Like a Pro (Free/Paid)
  • ​How to Create High CTR Landing Pages
  • ​A Landing Page Template For Native Ads
  • ​How to Use PROVEN Landers With Native
  • ​Creating The Native Campaign *(Real Examples)*
  • Sending Conversions Back to Traffic Source*​
  • How I Find Ad Images That Make BANK​
  • ​The Structure For Native Campaigns
  • ​Native Ads Optimization Tips!
  • Rules For Blocking Websites / Sections
  • ​First Conversion Day 2 – Now What!
  • ​Staying Organized With Daily P/L File
  • ​Drilling Down On The Data & Optimizing
  • ​Campaign Kill Ratio Template
  • ​How I Structure My Ad Tests in “Rounds”
  • ​My Native Ads Scaling Guide*
  • ​How I Come Up With Angles to Test!
  • ​** 2 “Follow Along” Campaign Builds w/ Results
  • ​** My “Auto Rules” That Help Optimize For You!!
  • ​& SO MUCH MORE…

We have already helped our clients generate over $3,000,000

We’ve helped create ten millionaires in the Native Mastery Consultant Program and 68+Native Mastery Coaches out of 250 customers.

We help people both from scratch, to existing coaches, to established coaches.

The reason we get our customers such incredible results is because we’re hands-on, practice what we preach and genuinely care for everyone we work together with.

We keep it simple, result focused and pave a clear path uniquely to our customers situation and their goals.

Personalized Expert Mentorship

Native Mastery Consultant is a 90-Day Mentorship Program exclusively with Kody Knows and his team.

In this mentorship program, we breakdown your current situation and see in the shortest timeline how we can take you to the desired situation.

You get access to the Native Mastery Consultant Program, our team, systems & processes, a community of winners, events and much more.

Kody Knows and his team provide hands-on mentorship to ensure you can get results with your courses.

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