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Freelance Copywriting Mentorship Program is a brand new course created by experienced Copywriter Lukas Resheske. In this Copywriting Course, Lukas explores How to write a perfect copy for Clients.

The Freelancer Course is my exact strategy for getting High-End clients to actively reach out to YOU through social media and simple websites… rather than you chasing them or applying to jobs.

Lukas Copywriting Mentorship Program is a High Ticket Course having worth more than 7000$. But what If you want to learn copywriting and don’t have enough money to buy this course. Don’t worry you are in the right place because today our User Community has decided to give full access to Lukas Resheske Copywriting Mentorship Program for Free.

So without wasting time let’s dig into Lukas Copywriting Course Outline.


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Lukas Copywriting Mentorship Course Outline

So now let’s jump into the next section, where we’ll discuss what you are going to get inside the Luckas Freelance Copywriting Course Free Download File.

What’s Included in The Luckas Copywriting Mentorship Program?

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If you consider yourself a junior copywriter… 
Or you’re interested in becoming a true freelancer…
Or preparing yourself to take a full time position at a direct response company…
This Is The Moment To Make A Decision
I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not an A-List writer, yet. I still look reverently at people like John, Eugene, the Gary’s, and the other greats.
So I’m not offering to make you A-List. That’s not my place right now.
But here’s my “dirty little secret…”
My first mentor wasn’t A-List either.

In fact, you probably have never heard of him.
But he knew copy. And he wrote it every day. And he turned me from some young punk who thought I knew shit into a lean, mean writing machine.
In 2013, I was making $2k a month, doing Adwords research. 
Earlier in 2013, I was living in a 4 bedroom house with 3 disgusting, drug addicted, morbidly obese roommates for $500 a month; with my wife and dog to take care of.
But by 2014, I was making 6 figures a year from my copy.
I did it again in 2015.
And in 2016, I broke into the multiple 6 figures, all from copywriting I do part-time.

In 2017, we did nearly half a million.
Now, in 2018, I can say that I’m a “million dollar copywriter” for real.  Come a long way from living in a shit-hole.
So here’s what I’m offering:
This is a 12 Week copywriting mentorship program.
It’s intense. The previous students all have a bit of masochistic side, so they enjoyed it.
You’ll be writing a daily handwritten assignment, 12 actual copywriting assignments, and going through 8 core modules of content.
You’ll also be getting weekly feedback and a weekly live Q&A webinar to ask any questions.
I’m not going to be nice. The world of a copywriter is not a nice world. We live and die by the numbers, and we’re only as good as our next project.
But by the end of the 84 days, you’ll be OUT of the Armchair and into the saddle.
You’ll be lean, mean, and ready to take on any project.*
*Assuming you actually show up, do the work, get assistance, and generally be the best student possible.  AND you communicate your unique needs as a learner and new copywriterSo, Here’s What You Get:1) 60 daily sales letter or VSLs to hand-copy (priceless)  

2) 8 Weekly lessons on the art of Freelancing and copywriting (previous students said Module 1 alone was worth $10,000)  
3) 8 graded assignments – Professionally critiqued by myself ($997 value for EACH critique) 
4) 12 Weekly Hot-seats where I’ll break down several student’s assignments or copy. (Again, at $997 per critique, this is another $11,964 value) 
5) 12 Weekly Q&A Calls (My 1 hour consultations cost $997 each, so this is yet another $11,964 value) 
6) Professional Copywriting resources from my years as a freelancer (Cost me over $100,000 to learn…yeah, really.)  Here’s the catch: I can only take up to 15 people.
The amount of work this will take to train, provide feedback, and grade each assignment individually is massive.
It’s going to cost $9000. Honestly, if you can’t afford that in order to up your game to the next level, you’re not right for the program. 
I want to make sure you’re serious and won’t waste my time. 
Oh…and I have BONUSES! (Because what copywriter would let a sales letter end without bonuses?) 
Bonus #1 – Everyone who graduates the program (with my seal of approval) has the option to request an interview with several top publishers for in-house copywriting roles. This is voluntary…you can opt-in for it if you’re interested. These are remote and on-location positions for dozens of publishers in the Big 3 niches. 
Bonus #2 – Anyone who joins this program is automatically enrolled into my Freelance Copywriting Course, which currently costs $1499 by itself. (If you don’t want to be a freelancer, this is still a great course to check out. It’s basically how I branded myself as a top copywriter in less than 2 years.)Bonus #3 – Everyone who joins gets 3 Official Copy Critiques from me, redeemable anytime. Usually I charge $997 for 1 critique…every student gets 3 from me. These are the same critiques I give to 8 and 9 figure publishers for their VSLs and webinars. Keep them in your back pocket to use if you have a big client job, or if you really need to nail your next promo.  
Value – $2991
Bonus #4 – SOME OF THE COPY YOU WRITE WILL BE FOR ACTUAL CLIENTS. This is a big deal…your work will be tested in the wild. I’m going to chief everything and make sure the quality is up to snuff…but you’ll get real-world feedback on your stuff. Right now, we have an e-commerce company onboard, and we’re talking with coaching companies and info-product companies. This will happen towards the end of the course, and is subject to client availability and timing.
You can’t get this experience anywhere else, in any program. 
 Combined with the core content, and the total value of today’s package is astronomical.
 All for a one time price of $9000.
BUT WAIT…I have one more surprise…If you pay in full TODAY, I’m knocking $2,000 off the price as a Scholarship for action takers.
So Paid In Full students only pay $7,000.

If you need a payment plan, the option is on the cart for 4 payments of $2,250.


This is the screenshot (taken by the user) of the Luckas Freelance Copywriting Course Overview

Lukas Resheske Copywriting Mentorship Program Free Download
Lukas Resheske Copywriting Mentorship Program Free Download


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