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Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download (Updated)

Do you want to learn Clickbank Affiliate Marketing but don’t have money to buy High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Courses. Don’t worry because you are at the right place. Our Solid Discount User’s Community has decided to give full Access to Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download. You can also get access to our recent Best Affiliate Marketing Courses i.e Robby Blanchard – Commission Hero Free Download , John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 3.0 Free Download.
So, without wasting time let’s dig into Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download Overview.


CourseCB University 2.0 Free Download
CreatorsJustin Atlan, Adam Horwitz
PriceOne Time 400$+ Monthly 40$+
CategoryClickbank Affiliate Marketing
Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download Table

So now let’s jump into the next section, where we’ll discuss what you are going to get inside the Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download Link File… 

What’s Included in The ClickBank University 2.0 Free Download ?

In Clickbank University 2.0 Download, there are two main areas of training dedicated to affiliate marketers and vendors respectively. Both of these modules are broken down into weekly trainings which basically helps in making the whole learning process much easier.

You can also take a look at this Clickbank University 2.0 Video to know more about it:

Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download

Section 1) 12-Week Training for Vendors

CBU 2.0 Free Download has a lot of information and training on how to help people create their own digital product. You will learn everything from coming up with a winning product, structuring the funnel and sales process to scaling your profits through joint ventures and split testings.

Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download
Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download

The point is that within 12-weeks time, you should ideally have a product up and running that’s ready to make you money. Your sales funnel should be mapped out properly with the relevant upsells and downsells as well setting up logical re-marketing sequence. You should also master the skills of turning cold traffic into customers.

A well-set up sales funnel with great convincing message and proper remarketing sequence is crucial in making the most out of the money you spend on shoutouts, ads, etc.

Section 2) 8-Week Training on Affiliate Marketing

If you decide to start off by promoting other people’s product first, then this is the section for you. For me, I prefer to see what’s actually selling before creating my very own product. I will promote a bunch of products in a specific niche and look at which of them are performing well. Then, I will just recreate the performing product and push traffic to my own sales page instead.

Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download
Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download

The point is that, for me, I don’t want to spend a few weeks putting together a product which isn’t going to sell.

Furthermore, for those of you just starting out, I recommend that you spend time on mastering the skill of driving targeted traffic first. If you can sell other people’s product, you can sell your own product. In fact, once you are good at it, you can sell just anything you want online and make a profit out of it.

In this module, you will learn how to select highly profitable products to promote. Some products pay as high as $100 per sale. All you need is one sale a day and you would be making four figures monthly.

More importantly, Clickbank places a great emphasize on building your email lists and how to effectively make more money out of it. Many other affiliate marketing courses will simply ask you to send your traffic to a landing page and that’s it.

Building your email list would mean that you could constantly sell to those subscriber over and over again giving you the highest ROI possible.

I didn’t know much about email marketing when I first got started and I can say for sure that I have wasted at least tens of thousands of dollars without a proper email marketing campaign in place.

Section 3) Traffic Module

In this module, you will be introduced to a few methods of driving traffic at scale. The Instragram Shoutout method which I talked about earlier is here. Apart from that, you will be learning how to run Facebook Ads which is really where you can quickly scale from $1000 per month to $10000 per month.

These days, in viable niches, I will use Instragram Shoutout to test the products’ performance before scaling it with ads or spending months to rank for keywords related to the product.

Clickbank University Course Screenshots:

This is the screenshots (taken by the user) of Clickbank University 2.0 Course Free Download

Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download
Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download


If you want to know more about Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz – Clickbank University 2.0 Free Download and about its creators then you can take a look at CBU 2.0 Review.


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